Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey Folks...

What is going on in Summit-land?
  1. T-shirts being designed
  2. Talking with the 4th hotel looking for the best deal (hot breakfast, new rooms, good distance to food/training)
  3. Arguing with PayPal
  4. Shuttle ordered
  5. Prepping the Masters Manual Material (see what I did there)
  6. Meat Ordered...I know, I know should have been on top of list
  7. Setting up bonus day!

Yep...Summit is now 3 days! After trying and trying to squeeze every bit of awesome into two days it exploded and now has given us a Bonus day on the Friday August 3rd. THIS IS OPEN TO ALL PAID ATTENDEES! 12-5 and a casual "pick the instructors brains" format.

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