Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final Summit

Hey Folks,

Consider this official: this will be the final Summit of Strength Hosted by Kenzie and I. No problems I assure you, just as the Master Instructors and I get busier and busier making the world a stronger place it is becoming harder to get the schedule together.

What does this mean to you? Well we are extending the early-bird price to the right for one more week the the price jumps up to where it should be by this time. End of Era? Not Yet come get one of the last 12 spots available and help us go out with a bang.

BTW Jeff O'Connor is laying it all out, no holding back, no restraint just unrelenting RedNeck Ninja Awesome. For those who attended last year, do you remember that last 20 minutes of his presentation? Yah!? 4+ hours of that this year.

All is well, and we are doing are best to make this the best SOS yet!